2021: Arc. Ndem Tasks Leaders on Good Governance

A hospitality investor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Azari Hotel in the ancient city of Calabar, Architect Bassey Ndem has called on elected leaders in the country to provide quality leadership to the people in the coming year.

He made the call yesterday in a chat with Lens reporter on his expectations from elected representatives and Nigerians in year 2021.

Ndem said that Nigerians were suffering and believes that infrastructural development, social amenities and good schools may continue to elude the society unless leaders in the country imbibe the culture of selfless service and deliver good governance to the people.

The architect turned hotelier craved for good governance in 2021 urging Nigerians to live up to their civic responsibility by participating in governance and holding elected leaders across board accountable.

Hear him “As a person and a Nigerian, I am hopeful that our elected leaders will lead us well in 2021. The common man is suffering greatly and I pray for good governance to reduce our woes.”

I will like Nigerians to live up to their civic responsibility by participating in governance and also by holding elected leaders accountable.

And continuing, Etubom Ndem said, “I feel the same attention paid on the presidency office for good governance should also be focused on our local government chairmen because politics is local and other development”.

He lamented that the year 2020 was a disaster for them in the industry because of COVID-19 Pandemic that disrupted economic activities in the world. He appealed to government to be more assertive in applying stringent lockdown measures to avert a second wave. In addition, he urged government to be more focused in supporting businesses that were adversely impacted during the peak period of the covid pandemic.



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