2023 Elections: A’ Ibom Governor says “We have gone too far ahead to retreat”

As build up to 2023 elections begin to gather momentum across the country, Akwa Ibom state Governor Udom Emmanuel has outlined the qualities of his would be successor.

He disclosed this on a statewide broadcast to mark the 6th year anniversary of his administration yesterday in Uyo.

He stressed that he would not allow a gangster, cultist and one who would not build on his achievements to succeed him.

The governor insisted that the tone and tenor of governance has changed from an all-knowing, all hectoring potentate to one based on humility in strength and Christ-centric disposition in execution and direction.

“Let me now ask you my dear Akwa Ibomites: Do you want a successor who will cancel out all the great strides in industrialization we have started? The peace we currently enjoy and return us to the years when violence and kidnapping reigned and sowed fear in the hearts and minds of the people?

” Do you want a successor who will come with anger towards all we have done, as opposed to continuing with the great works we have started? Do you want a leader whose approach to testing his popularity would be to drive in a long convoy to “Ibom Plaza” and throw money at the helpless people, watching them scramble for the money and the people would say that’s “Ano owo Mkpo”! Is that the kind of a successor you want? Is that the kind of empowerment our people deserve? Someone who will bring out the worst in our youths rather than challenge them to seize the future and unleash their potentials?

“Do you want a successor who will relegate God to the background and assume an all-knowing power? Or do you desire a successor with a known e-mail address that the international business community recognises? Do you want a leader who will fritter away our commonwealth in search of cheap popularity or one who would utilize the resources and continue investing in projects with enduring value?

“Do you want a successor who would see Government as a cabal where our commonwealth would be shared among a privileged few or do you desire a leader who would continue to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, a successor who understands the economic dynamics that shape our globalized space and would utilize those skills to advance our well-being?

These are questions you have to provide answers, and the answers you provide would determine the type of a successor you deserve.” He querried.

He vowed to ensure that Akwa Ibom does not return to the type of leadership that is “big on noise and small in the execution of the big picture items” but would continue with the one that would sustain peace and ensure a focused development.

“So my dear Akwa Ibomites, if what you are desiring is a successor who will not have the capacity and the discipline to build a State where you and your children will live in peace and strive to excel, if you are desiring a successor who will turn back the clock of our developmental strides, if you are desiring a successor who will bring out the worst in our youths as opposed to galvanizing their energies and challenging them to be the best they can be, if you are desiring a leader who would not efficiently utilize the resources of this State on projects that have redeeming value, then I am sorry to disappoint you, God will not give us such a successor.

“We have gone too far ahead to retreat backward. So as you are engaging in prognostications, creating camps of loyalty and getting consumed by who you think my successor would be, always bear these thoughts in your mind. God is doing great things in our State and that invisible Hands will continue to steer the ship of this State and will not bring anyone who will negate our gains.” Emmanuel insisted.

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