2023 Elections: “We have to get it right in 2023 or we are finished’_ Peter Obi

A former governor of Anambra State and vice-presidential candidate of Nigeria’s main opposition party, PDP Mr. Peter Obi says Nigeria will be finished if the West African country fails to get it right in 2023.

He made the comment as a guest on Arise News television Monday while responding to questions bothering on a wide range of issues including politics, economy, finance, and others.

On Wednesday the National Convention Committee of Nigeria’s main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party is expected to meet to decide on the zoning of offices of the party ahead of its convention in October. But speculation is rife that the party will jettison the zoning formula it introduced in the fourth republic meant to guarantee fairness and equity among the regions and which other parties have adopted.

Specifically, the rumour trending has it that the PDP may zone the chairmanship position to the south and president to a candidate of northern extraction which goes contrary to oscillating the office of the president between the North and South in line with the agreed zoning arrangement.

Against this backdrop, Obi said: ” I cannot say what the zoning committee thinks. I do not see zoning of the chairmanship position to any section of the country determining where the presidency will be zoned. We have to get it right in 2023 or we are finished. If we get it wrong, it will be dire for the country. We must look for competent and knowledgable people to manage the affairs of the country.”

The country holds its next presidential election in 2023 and Mr. Obi, a former Vice Presidential candidate in the 2019 election says things have gone so wrong in the country. The politician and investor said the citizens must lookout for a competent leader with the knowledge of the Nigerian economy to lead the West African country out of its sorry state.

And when quizzed drawing from his harping on competence and capacity for the office in contrast with zoning which is susceptible to tolerate mediocracy, he said, ‘ there is no zone in the country that does not have somebody who is competent and knowledgeable. South East is saying we want a seat in this enterprise called Nigeria. All I know is we must get it right in 2023.

On the issue of defections dotting the political landscape of Nigeria and which he is culpable having joined PDP from APGA notwithstanding his earlier comment that he will never leave APGA instead quit politics, he said ” I told Ojukwu (the General) that I will not leave him. I want somebody to show me a tape. Mine was something that was orchestrated for a purpose. Everybody is looking for where to damage everybody.”

On monies Nigeria borrowed from IMF, Paris Club, and other financial institutions, Obi said ” what are we doing with the money we borrowed? We borrowed money for consumption, not investment. Other countries like Japan, Singapore are net investors.”

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