4 seafarers kidnapped in Gulf of Guinea adding up to 122

Four crew members have been kidnapped in the latest piracy attack in the Gulf of Guinea involving a crude oil tanker, bringing the number of kidnapped seafarers in the region to 122 even before the year exits.

The boarding of MV Agisilaos was reported on Sunday November 29, according to Dryad Global, while the vessel was underway in Ghanaian waters, 5 nautical miles from the Western edge of the Gulf of Guinea HRA, and 22 nautical miles west of Togo TTW.

The 2006 MR1 tanker, was underway from Point Noire and is currently anchored in Lome, data from the Marine Traffic shows.

Dryad said that the vessel’s AIS data indicates that the ship’s crew attempted to avoid the boarding through evasive maneuvers but was not successful.

The tanker reportedly had 23 crew members onboard prior to the incident, including Russian, Romanian, and Filipino nationals.

The vessel is now reported safe. Local authorities have been notified.

This is the 24th confirmed kidnapping incident in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea within 2020 with 122 crew kidnapped from vessels, data from Dryad indicates.

The attack is being reported on the back of a string of successful kidnappings in the area over the past month.

“While the design of this vessel does not signal any overarching vulnerabilities, this incident highlights the desperation of perpetrators in the region. Counter-piracy operations and logistical strains mean larger vessels may be targeted should attacks targeting smaller vessels with vulnerable characteristics be unsuccessful.

“Further attacks on vessels underway are highly likely, and vessels are advised to exercise heightened caution within and on approach to the Gulf of Guinea HRA,” Dryad said.



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