A full gospel ministry urges Christians to reciprocate the love of Jesus Christ to humanity

The Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church Int’l Headquarters Calabar, the Cross River State capital has delivered her Easter message to Christians all over the world.

The mission secretary Rev. Elijah Philip issued the message on behalf of the acting President and founder of Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church, Bishop N. Ayakndue.

The statement “said as we commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us reflect on the perfection of God’s plan concerning humanity.”

According to the message, “Jesus Christ is our substitute; our sin-bearer, Savior, redeemer and sanctifier. His vicarious death was indispensably necessary to atone for our sins.’

The message stressed that there is no salvation outside the blood of Jesus Christ. No on can reject the blood that finds favor with God and forgiveness of sins. “God would never have sent His only son to die in order that we might live if it were not absolutely necessary to satisfy the demand of divine justice.”

He admonished Christians to reciprocate the wonderous love of Jesus Christ by obeying His commandment as written in Ecclesiastes 12 verse 13.


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