A University Don Advocates Responsible Leadership to Add Value to Society

People in authority in the country have been called upon to shun greed by doing good things to people in order to make the world a better place to live.

A University don who teaches English Language and Stylistics in the University of Calabar,  (Barr.) Bassey Ekpenyong spoke in a church auditorium during his birthday anniversary.

The poet posited that greed was the cause of many ugly incidences in the country and urged leaders to beautify the world by playing the right politics, make policies that affect the people positively. He upheld that by avoiding greed there will be development in the society.

He queried why a single individual should amass so much money even when he/she is confused of what to do with it by storing it in water tanks. Why is one man wasting too much resources when there are millions of people languishing in lack.

“Why should a road, hospital and building project that affects the life of many in the community be abandoned. That kind of negligence is really disturbing. Nigeria should learn to change” he further lamented.

He remarked that on our birthday we should only celebrate God and not our self and that the celebration should be about singing of hymes and praises to the author and the finisher of life.

The celebrant said that the essence of Bassey Ekpenyong poetry award was his own little way of contributing and promoting creativity and urged the Nigerians to be lovers of poetry because life itself is poetry.

The University of Calabar teacher disclosed that it has always been his desire to contest and win election in order to provide the kind of leadership that will be bonded with faith in God, belief in God and grace of God.

Highlight of the event was the cutting of the birthday cake and the poetry award presentation.

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