Akande is tied to Tinubu’s apron strings, selling out Yoruba to help him become President_Ayo Adebanjo

Ayo Adebanjo, acting leader of Afenifere Yoruba socio-political group, has described Bisi Akande, former governor of Osun state, as a “political neophyte”.

He made the comment on Tuesday while featuring as a guest on a talk show tv programme adding that the former Osun governor is a pathological liar and tied to the apron strings of Tinubu.

“He (Bisi Akande) is too junior to me to be commenting on political matters. He is a political neophyte. He is tied to the apron strings of Tinubu,” he said.

“He is too junior for me to be commenting on what he said. I signed his papers to be governor that is why he was elected in 1999. And the condition we gave for him to become governor was that of a sovereign national conference for the restructuring of the country back to federalism. That was the condition he was elected in 1999, and he reneged on that.

“They have sold out the Yoruba race to Muhammadu Buhari all because they want Tinubu to be president. That is not my business.

“But telling lies is the one I don’t know, and I don’t know how a man like Akande who claims that we all come from the root of Obafemi Awolowo can be taking pride in his participation in the government of one Buhari who they know is a disaster when all those who supported him initially are now regretting that they supported him.”

And commenting on one of the fallouts of Chief Bisi Akande’s book launch regarding the president’s statement that Akande would have done a second term as governor but for Obasanjo reneging on the pact with Alliance for Democracy (AD) which agreed on a voting pattern that supported PDP in presidential and AD in governorship elections, he said: “they made the alliance without us (Afenifere). It was a business between them and Obasanjo.

“It was a betrayal because they thought they could win elections in the West without Afenifere. They were trying to be in power without the philosophy of Afenifere. They were kicked out because they were not loyal to the leadership of Afenifere. They reaped the result of their disloyalty.

When squeezed on the issue of Akande saying the APC leader built his present residence at Lekki, Adebanjo recanted saying “I will give the details of how I built my house in Lekki”. He as well dwelt on other issues bothering on the earlier promise of Buhari to Tinubu and his allies which he said they were played down. He spoke of the insecurity in the South West and how APC, Tinubu, Akande and their cliq are not saying anything.

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