APC Faults Claim of Obaseki on Modular Refinery

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Sunday, told Governor Godwin Obaseki not to ” take glory” for the Edo Modular Refinery at Ologbo.”

APC’s Media Campaign Council Chairman in Edo State, John Mayaki says it amounts to “broad daylight robbery” for the Obaseki administration to claim a project that is funded by the Federal Government and some private interests.

Mayaki said in a terse statement that “As it stands now, no one can debate the fact that Mr. Godwin Obaseki is falsehood personified, a wrapped bag of lies that continue to give. From falsified and inconsistent academic records and credentials, the baloney has come to the point of broad daylight robbery of projects and initiatives.”

And continuing, he said, “Today, the lie is with the Edo Modular refinery at Ologbo, a project that having been funded by both foreign businesses and the federal government has neared completion and commissioning.”

The campaign chairman explained in the statement that the “Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Company is owned by AIPCC Energy Limited, a joint venture between AFCOM and Peiyang Chemical Equipment Company of China and was built at the cost of 10.2million dollars. The refinery will be producing diesel, Naptha, and Fuel oil (LPFO). The Federal Government supported the project by granting duty waivers on refinery equipment and components.”

“While Obaseki is desperately trying to be at the front, center, and back of a private project that his administration in fact frustrated with his disastrous economic policies and pulverizing of the strong economic structures in place before his tragic emergence, the sites of his promised Industrial Park and GeleGele Seaport remain desolate, standing as a symbolic portrayal of his entire four-year reign: empty, dull, and without any life,” the statement continued.

He then made a call on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Obaseki, to stop laying claims to “what does not rightly belong to them,” vowing that “we will be here all the way to sensitize the people and rinse them of the indoctrinated lies and deceits.”

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