Ayade’s industralization drive prepares Cross River for economic boom _ Commissioner

Hon. Peter Eba is the Cross River State Commissioner for Industry. He said the focus of Ayade administration is industrialization for the future economic growth of the state. According to him the governor has prepared enabling environment for business to thrive by providing light and security. He appealed to indigenes to support the Governor’s vision. He spoke with LENS reporter Francis Ogar during MFM graduation ceremony of 222 youths on free skill acquisition to diminish youth unemployment in the state. Excerpts.

I am very glad that the church can put things together like this. It shows that the church is not only thinking about her members but for the whole society which is not what every church can do. What the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) South South Region 2 Calabar has done is very encouraging.

For MFM to have trained 222 to produce these beautiful products I have seen here today gives me joy. It gives the state Governor Sen. Prof. Ben Ayayde a great joy. His Excellency is over whelmed as you see the people trained are mostly youths. It is a wonderful idea.

LENS: What do you think Ayade is doing for youths in the state?

Governor Ben Ayade is a youth friendly governor. Our government is made up of 80% young people. He has taken the youths out from the streets so that their youthful energy could be fully utilized. He has put food on the table for them.

One of the problems causing insecurity in the country today is hunger. Taking them out of the streets gives them a sense of belonging and hope. If you have hope that you have food to eat you cannot kill a man. When you are hungry and have hope somehow you are automatically secured. What the government has done is to give hope to the young people in Cross River State. That is a wonderful idea.

LENS: Do you have any industry to sustain the youths in the state?

Yes, there are many industries in all the senatorial districts. All the industries are youth friendly. The industries are not for people of 50 years and above to work. They are built to take advantage of youth unemployment and for investment.

There are industries for young people to open up their farms and also investment opportunity to supply raw materials for the factories to survive. There is huge business for oil palm seedlings, oil mill, rice mill, yellow maize, beans and chicken industries.

We also have the cassava processing factory where people can process their farm products and sell to government locally. It is an added advantage.

LENS: What do you think is the idea behind all these industries?

We are putting up the economy of Cross River State through industrialization. It gives us the advantage to leverage and expand our economic frontiers that whatever we cultivate or produce there is a factory ready on ground to process them. It leads to greater employment opportunity. It is the youth that would harness these opportunities.

Let the people of Cross River State support Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade. He means well for the people of the state. It is a departure from the civil service orientation through industrialization that we can be independent. Japan has no single miracle resources but through industrialization it is known all over the word today.

LENS: What do you think is the major challenge of all these and how is he addressing it?

The major challenge affecting industries in the state is the same problem all over the country. The problem of power supply. Ayade has taken a step forward to establish power plants. We have been able to overcome all that.

We have established a 21 Mega Watt Power Plant at Parliamentary village in Calabar. We also have a 26 Mega Watt Plant at Tinapa and 3 Mega Watt Plant at the Industrial Park. The idea behind this is that the industrial park will operate functionally without any power problem.


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