Biden reverses travel ban on Nigeria; signs fifteen Executive orders

United States President, Joe Biden has reversed the Executive order of the Donald Trump administration that placed travel ban on Nigerians.

The reversal is part of the fifteen executive orders signed in less than twenty-four hours after his inauguration.

The Donald Trump administration had in 2020 placed travel ban on Muslims worldwide, a move that effectively banned Nigerians.

One of the contents of the executive order is the United States return to the World Health Organisation and Paris Climate Pact.

President Trump had withdrawn United States membership of WHO under controversial circumstances in the midst of heightened Covid-19 infection in America.

The Executive order also warns that Masks will be required in all federal buildings and a 100-day mask challenge.

The move is aimed at checking the mounting rate of infections and deaths recorded since the outbreak of the disease in America.

The American government will reactivate suspended students loan payments through September and suspends evictions through March 2021.

The Executive order also revokes Keystone XL pipeline as no drilling will be allowed near national monuments.

The United States will take a census of non-citizens and change Trump’s arrest priorities for ICE.

The government will also halt border wall construction. The construction of border wall with Mexico had generated ill feelings between the two North American Countries.

Liberians in United States on asylum will also be relieved by the executive order which guarantees longer stay for protection.

The Executive order also Freezes last minute Trump regulatory changes.

The new law will also defend children brought to America as minors and create an 8-year path to naturalization for illegal immigrants in the country as of January 1st, 2021.

America will also strengthen workplace discrimination protection. Advance racial equality in the Federal Government.

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