Clergy says Chistianity is not religion

The senior minister of Christ Richgrace worship centre aka ‘Grace Powerhouse,’ Pastor Fonn Mike has said that Christianity is not a religion as believed and practiced by many. On the contrary, Christianity is a grace platform given to us by God through Christ Jesus to practice and exercise His wisdom, Knowledge, and understanding here on earth.

Mike gave the admonition in Grace Atmosphere worship, ward, and miracles Service on Wednesday, October 28 at its Ikot Ansa town church auditorium in Calabar, Cross River State.

Referencing Philemon 1;6 “that the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus,” he said that as long as there is no scientific invention to dictate creativity, resourcefulness, imagination, self-discipline and leadership skills, there will be no Psycho effort that will dictate the grace of God in anyone’s life, define grace and even teach grace as a body of knowledge.

He posited that unknowingly those who are not born again view life from the prism of ‘negative’ as in developing a photograph whereas believers who are born of God adopt the nature of God which is in Christ Jesus.

He said ‘as a child of God don’t ever mistake the forest for trees, ocean for rivers, clouds for winds. Don’t ever be deceived by the person in the picture; rather, be convinced by the person from the picture. Don’t wait to be tested with a device or scientific invention before you can be sure of what God can use you to achieve. With the Grace of God in your life, you have already been tested with an excellent spirit; you are powerful and positively positioned for success.

‘Understanding this: the most worrisome negative issues (our imperfection past) as a born again child of God has been destroyed by Jesus and is remains handed over into your hands for effective burial. So many today have been in one place for a long time because of the negative influence of the past. A deep thought over all the events of the past will steal your access and privileges to a progressive and brighter future, don’t keep your past in the recycle bin, let the past pass.

He advised that unbelievers embrace Salvation first, get born again before taking more grace and less calculated risk in life. The future according to him is brighter than we could ever think and it’s all in our hands to enjoy inherent merited grace through Christ Jesus.

By: Archibong Emmanuel
(Snr. Reporter)

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