Clergy says Nigeria to Experience Revival When Country Do What Christ Teaches

The General Overseer of the Eagles Prophetic Ministries (TEEM), Apostle Ohatunde Adekunle Jonathan said that Nigeria will begin to enjoy quality life the moment the country does what pleases God.

He spoke with Lens reporter at the headquarter site of the church in Calabar, Cross River State on the occasion of the 11th Anniversary celebration of the ministry.

Apostle Jonathan believes that at the moment Nigerians hear the words of men and that of Satan thus urging the country to do away with wicked things of the world and follow the path of righteousness for the country to experience real growth.

He said, “men should run away from the wicked ways and go back to God and good things will begin to manifest in the country. What men are hearing today is the words of men and that of Satan”.

“What is happening in Nigeria now is not from God. We are the cause; we cannot change it until we listen to God”.

“When we go back to the drawing board and follow Jesus the country will experience revival” he added.

The minister of God disclosed that the vision of TEEM is not only to add value to the spiritual well being of men but in addition to improvement the quality of life in the society.

Apostle Jonathan said “I still have a lot of frontiers to encounter. We have not yet made a break even. The kind of vision and the kind of ministry I want to run is not just to pray for people and leave them empty but to bless people morally, physically and financially”.

And continuing he said, “I want to hear people say O God, it was through TEEM that I was able to set up a business, able to travel abroad and able to pay my children school fees. That is the kind of church I want to run”.

Responding to the question of lack of genuine men of God in the pulpits, the cleric explained that many people have seen the church as avenue of making quick money and defrauding people but the number of quackeries were negligible.

He said that ministry work is not a bed of roses and that without God nobody can overcome the challenges that accompany the ministry of the gospel.

The clergy thanked God for His faithfulness and blessings in the vineyard of God for eleven years. High point of the event was cutting of the anniversary cake.

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