COP26 climate conference extended to resolve key issues

The COP26 climate conference which was scheduled to end on Friday will continue on Saturday to allow for one more night of negotiation.

Alok Sharma, president of the COP26, said in a statement released by the United Nations that he is taking part in “intensive consultations” with Groups and Parties.

He is planning for revised documents to be released by around 09:00 CET on Saturday to be followed by a “short informal plenary meeting” in the morning.

“I envisage formal plenary meetings in the afternoon to adopt decisions and close the session on Saturday,” he wrote.

“My grateful thanks to everyone for the spirit of cooperation which continues to flow this evening,” he added.

Negotiators in Glasgow were still trying to find common ground on phasing out coal, when nations need to update their emissions-cutting pledges and, especially, on money.

Talks are at a “bit of a stalemate,” and the United States, with support from the European Union, is holding back talks, said Lee White, the Gabonese minister for forests and climate change.

Mohamed Adow of Climate Action Network International, a long-time talks observer, said poorer nations are beyond disappointed with the way the United Kingdom presidency has come up with drafts and that this has become “a rich world” negotiation. He said poorer nations cannot accept what has been proposed.

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry on Friday night told The Associated Press that climate talks are “working away” after a late-night meeting with his Chinese counterpart and before a hallway chat with India’s negotiator.


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