COP26: Nations announce new funding for adaptation

Developed nations have announced their commitment to providing new funding to help developing countries adapt to climate change.

The UN climate conference, COP26, held discussions on adaptation measures on Monday, attended by ministers and representatives from around the world.

African nations called for more financial assistance from developed nations. Ghana’s representative said that Africa is warming faster than any other continent.

He said, “To truly commit ourselves to the fight of climate change, adopt an adaptation as a major ingredient and a major step.”

At the same meeting, Denmark announced that its private and public sectors would work together to provide funds for climate-vulnerable countries.

Earlier, Britain, which chairs the UN climate conference, announced new funding of about 290 million pounds, or about 390 million dollars, to help countries adapt to climate change.

The British government said that a total of 14 nations and states had also announced new funding, adding a further 232 million dollars to the UN Adaptation Fund.

But the UN estimates that five to ten times more financial contributions were required to implement measures needed to help developing nations.

The issue will be discussed again at a ministerial meeting on Tuesday.


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