Coronation Anniversary: Traditional Institutions Urged to Preserve Peace in their Domain _ HRM. Muri Munene, Prof. Itam Hogan

Disturbed by the ravaging insecurity in the country, His Royal Majesty Muri Munene, Prof. Itam Hogan Nyam Nnankor 1, Grand Patriarch of Efut Nation and Paramount Ruler of Calabar South Local Government Area has called on his colleagues to maintain peace and order in their respective domains for development to thrive.

He made the appeal in his palace during the 2nd   coronation anniversary milestone since his ascension to the throne and official recognition.

The Royal Father said that the rate of killings, kidnapping, cultism and destruction of property in the land is becoming a nightmare in the country warranting therefore the urgent need to fight the scourge through traditional institutions.

According to him, citizens are living in perpetual fear in their father’s land and  no meaningful development can take place in  crisis environment stressing that there is urgent need for traditional rulers to rise up for their people.

HRM dismissed the claim by some residents that he flouted government order not to celebrate the event because there is a court case challenging the stool and that the security apparatus were self-sponsored by him.

His words “I never received any order from the state government restraining us from celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my coronation”.

“I am a government official, I am entitled to be protected and the government has the duty to protect me and that was what happened. There was peace and order throughout the duration of the ceremony”.

He further said “it is a feat worth celebrating after a nine year interregnum occasioned by a protracted tussle which undermined the corporate existence and development of Efut Nation”.

“The ushering of a celebrated academic into the traditional administration of Efut Nation with its attendant finesse has courted much envy and resentment from the reactionary class who construe reformation and development as an affront to their archaic and mundane disposition”.

The monarch appealed to non-indigenes residing in his domain to be law abiding and to live peacefully in accordance to the laws, traditions and custom of the land and also to leave traditional institutions for the owners of the Efut Nation.

“Some groups who were fraudulently given regency titles were hell bent on disrupting the programme but with the timely intervention of the security apparatus everything went out smoothly as you witnessed today”.

Speaking also with our reporter, the clan head of Efut Akani Esuk Clan Council, HRMc Muri Eyo Effiong Okon disclosed that what happened at the palace was in conformity with the culture of Efut Abua and Efut Ekondo combined council and the brainchild of the Council of Efut Nation who deemed it fit to celebrate the 2nd coronation anniversary of their Grand Patriarch.

According to him, “it is the tradition of such epoch making occasions for the Muri Munene to use such opportunity to bless people especially those who have contributed to humanity and also those who have distinguished themselves in their different fields”.

“As a peace loving community, the security apparatus were not left out to ensure peace and order in the ceremony. So, the police, Army and other security organizations were part of the celebration to ensure that peace was maintained throughout the occasion and that was what happened” he said.

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