Covid-19 protocol causes group to shelve rally in Calabar

A political group in Cross River State today said it put off a political rally to protest against inconsistent judgments given over the appropriate winner of the Cross River Northern Senatorial District slot in order not to run fowl of Covid-19 protocol.

The leader of the group, Chief Tonny Udandeye who is also the Director General Cross River State Forestry Commission explained that the rally could not hold again as earlier planned because the organization places premium on health matters and the general wellbeing of Cross Riverian.

According to him the State Governor Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has recorded tremendous success in curbing Covid-19 incidences, upholding that the group would not want to rubbish the high standards set in the prevention of Covid-19 in the state.

Chief Tonny Ubandeye said that the essence of the press briefing was to douse the misunderstanding that would have arisen from the postponement of the rally explaining further that the essence of the rally was to raise alarm on certain issues.

Hear him “we were not calling for a protest against the Supreme Court Judgment because it has nothing to do with the State Chapter of the People Democratic Party (PDP) nor the government”.

“There were certain class of political bukanisers who intercept judgment from courts that do not have jurisdiction over the matters and use those matters surreptitiously to obtain judgment that can affect the orderliness of our democracy.”

“Nigeria must be vigilant. This is not only about Cross River State but there were many such judgments that have been obtained from courts that are questionable but Nigerians have remained silenced”.

“I think what some of the judges are doing now in their courts is worse than SARS that caused havoc to the country recently”.

“We were going to question the validity and the competence of one John Alanka to enter a matter that he has no interest in and judgment is being entered in a person who does not participate”. These were the issues we wanted to raise to the world why we are not happy.

“We do not want to undermine the Covid-19 protocol, the people and the electorate particularly the Northern Cross River State in determining who represents them at the senate.”

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