Disappointment For South Africans as Kwazulu-Natal ‘Diamonds’ Turn Out to Be Quartz

After hearing a local herder had unearthed some mysterious stones in this small town of the Kwazulu-Natal province, thousands armed with pickaxes, shovels and sticks headed to the surroundings of the village in search of diamonds.

But preliminary analysis of these said diamond shows the stones are in fact Quartz, far more common and far less valuable.It’s been nothing but deception for South Africans who rushed KwaHlathi.

Results that crushed any dreams and possibilities of wealth for all these amateur miners.

The South African government added the zone is not known to have any diamonds, and that those who poured to the small Kwazulu-Natal village should vacate the area, as it could carry risks such as environmental damage and exposure to Covid 19.


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