Ekpenyong urges Nigerians to Beware of APC’s 2015 propaganda as 2023 Beckons

Senator Chris Ekpenyong, representing Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial district in Akwa Ibom State, has described as propaganda APC’s accusation of PDP’s inability to effectively manage its internal affairs.

He therefore asked Nigerians to ignore such propaganda carried by the ruling APC against his party, the PDP.

Ekpenyong made the appeal yesterday in Uyo while reacting to the assertion by the APC that the defections of prominent PDP members to it’s fold was due to ineffectiveness of the PDP to manage its affairs.

According to him, he was not surprise because APC carried the same propaganda in 2015 that all PDP leaders were corrupt but today the same people are celebrateded simply because they joined their party.

He stressed that their propaganda would fail because majority of Nigerians are not happy with their leadership style.  Hear him, “It is no news that the APC government is a failure. We (Nigerians) are yet to see what the APC government has done and the clock is ticking. In 2015 they promised us change, five years after they have done nothing.

“Today they have started their propaganda against the PDP because they know that they have failed Nigerians. They think they can

deceive Nigerians again with their propaganda like they did before 2015 elections.

” Nigerians have come to understand what good governance is all about, and that is what the APC-led government has failed to provide, the government is a failure. And I must advise Nigerians to ignore those saying that PDP is a dying party, that is a mere propaganda against the PDP, it is getting stronger ahead of 2023 by the grace of God.

“Unfortunately, the same party that claimed ahead of elections in 2015 that they will fight corruption and make sure they recover all monies stolen from PDP, that PDP leaders are thieves are today happy that same people they called thieves are leaving PDP to join their party.

“I am not surprised however because some of them always say that after stealing money in the PDP, once you cross over to the APC, you will become a saint automatically”.

Ekpenyong however urged the government to concentrate on finding solutions to the escalating insecurity and recession in the country.

He regretted that, the party had not been able to fulfill any of its promises stressing, “They told us that insecurity will be stopped over night if voted into power in 2015, but today insecurity has engulfed every part of the country.

“Today if it is not attack by Boko Haram insurgents, it is kidnapping or killing by bandits, or herdsmen. The situation is worrisome”, he said.



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