Elites United in bleeding Nigeria, “What we need to build are strong institutions, not strong men,” new Constitution antidote_ Ozekhome

Mr. MIKE Ozekhome (SAN) and rights activist has said that High profile individuals in Nigeria are united in ensuring the consistent haemorrhage of the country.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria disclosed this when he featured on a news stream in a national private television on Friday. He stated that this group of Nigerian elites can be seen in both the governing All Progressives Congress and the main opposition People’s Democratic Party.

According to the senior lawyer, the West African country will continue to bleed and be on a journey to no destination if the same crop of elites run its affairs without strong institutions.

“The elites are united in one thing. You may hear them say they are in PDP or in APC, they have the same course of bleeding Nigeria hemorrhagically. They bleed Nigeria and they are united in that,” Ozekhome stressed.

“Nigeria will continue to be on a journey to no destination like an aircraft without a compass if we think we can make it right by having another person for example who will be better than Buhari.

“What we need to build are strong institutions, not strong men. You will have even weaker people because the system itself is convulsive and does not allow for the best to come out, it does not allow the youths who have the brains to come out.

“It is a system that is being dictated by money ‘baggism’, the elites who have stolen our commonwealth through politics want to use again to corrode the system.”

Mr Ozekhome is of the opinion that the birth of a new constitution will bring about a new dawn and noted that the National Consultative Front, a group of prominent Nigerians and activists is working towards drafting a new people’s constitution for Nigeria.

“A new constitution will bring about a new dawn. It will take care of the interest of the youths, the women, how to devolve power, the economy because it is given to the whole people in Nigeria to debate it between now and December when we hope that a draft constitution will come out,” Mr Ozekhome said.

“These people who are coming together (the group drafting the constitution) many of them are not politically involved. Some of them are but they crave for a new Nigeria, the National Consultative Front.

“These people are coming together to say enough is enough of these armed banditries, herdsmen crisis, where Nigeria is literally being abducted. We now have ministers, governors, and some clerics going into the forests to negotiate with armed bandits. It has become the most thriving industry in Nigeria, armed banditry.”

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