ENSHDC says closure of Enugu liberty estate center best for residents

The Management of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ENSHDC), has said the recent closure of the Recreation Center in Liberty Estate 1, Enugu was for the interest of the occupants.

Mr Chuks Agu, the Managing Director of ENSHDC said this on Wednesday in Enugu, adding that it was the responsibility of the corporation to make the estate conducive for the residents

He said that the property was developed by the and being managed by the corporation for the purpose of giving services to the residents in accordance with law establishing the corporation.

“We developed the center hoping that it is going to serve our purpose of giving services to the residents of the estate.

“But along the line unfortunately, the main reason for the center was not well utilised and this became a problem for the corporation to manage, ” he said.

He debunked the impression that the dezoning of the center was based on advice of the residents’ association,

He said: “There is this impression that we dezoned it based on the advice of the residents’ association and I want to correct that impression.

“Before we dezoned that center, we held a meeting with the residents’ association telling them the reasons why we are going to dezone it.

“And basically, part of the reason was coming from them, but we are not looking at those reasons, rather we want to dezone it and give it better, befitting and smaller out look that will be easy for us to manage.”

According to him, some of the reasons for dezoning the center includes: “Insecurity of the estate which made it very difficult for us to manage because we did not have control over most people coming in there.

“We also have sports arena, fitness center where all manner of people from different sectors come to exercise and in most cases their dressing is very provocative.

“Sometimes, you see women that are almost naked; you see men with tattoos and all that which is not good for the children growing up in the estate.

“In the swimming pool side, you see people smoke weeds up to 2-3 am in the morning, you see all manner of people in that pool, you see used and unused condoms everywhere.”

Agu added that there was also a nursery school where people from outside bring their kids causing movements here and there in the estate.

“And so, we decided that we are going to do something that will be exclusively for the use of the residents of the estate.

“We also told them what we have decided to do, with evidence of notices of vacation, ” he said.

The managing director said that the corporation had two years ago asked all those using the place to vacate, adding that all of them have complied 100 per cent.

“So, that place has been vacant for the past two years.

“I want the public to know that we took that decision because we have the authority to do that in line with the mandate of the corporation.

“We took that decision because it belongs to us and we took that decision because we want to build that place better than what we have before, ” Agu said.

He said the design for the new recreational facility was at advanced stage of development for the proper work to start.


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