Fmr. National Publicity Secretary, PDP says Buhari lacks ‘capacity and competence to lead’, fingers improper economic direction as bane of insecurity in Nigeria

The pioneer National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Senator Anietie Okon, has identified lack of well laid out economic policies and ineptitude of the All Progressive Congress (APC) led- administration to address the derailing economy as well as worsening insecurity in the country.

He bared his mind in a conversation with journalists in Uyo, yesterday saying that it was painful that since President Buhari came into office in 2015, the country has experienced multiple recessions.

He expressed disappointment that some citizens, particularly politicians are busy at the moment talking about 2023, instead of looking at how and what should be done to rescue Nigeria out from this quagmire.

“Since this man (Buhari) came into office it has been one season of recession after another as a result of misgovernance , ineptitude and the lack of basic understanding of the national economics. The economy of the country has come to a halt.

“There has not been any economic growth indicator in Nigeria since this administration came into office. That is why we are experiencing high rate of unemployment, and increased government borrowing. The president does not have the capacity and competence to lead Nigeria.

“It is a disgrace and an awful one for that matter that a country so gifted by God in terms of human capacity and natural resources is still floundering when we should be in the same class with countries like Korea, Japan. It is painful.

“And you will see many Nigerians will be suffering from hypertension very soon because the current government has no answer to the security challenges bedeviling the country. These days when people go to sleep they keep an eye open, added to the fact that government of the day has dragged the economy down”, he said.

Senator Okon opined that the president should have been impeached long ago due to lack of competence coupled with several misdemeanors in government and regretted that the current Senate does not have the mussel to trigger it.

“Regrettably, the current Senators do not have stomach for the impeachment of the president. Except Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and few others of the minority in the Senate, others are just ‘Yes men”, he noted.

He frowned at repeated calls on President Buhari to address the country on what he is doing regarding disturbing challenges which are myriad especially insecurity when they know that he doesn’t have the capacity to lead the country.

“And I think some people are over flogging the issue of asking that the President should address the country on the security situation. What is he going to say?. During the #EndSARS protest when they also insisted that he should address the citizens, when he did, didn’t the situation become even worse.”

On what could be done to salvage Nigeria, he said, “I have said this repeatedly that it is either a break up or dismemberment. And we must save this country before we start looking at 2023”

He chided the Senate president, Ahmad Lawan, for saying that Southern governors as elected officials should not push for restructuring of Nigeria, stressing, ‘People should encourage them rather than talk rubbish.’

“The decisions the Southern Governors took during their meeting in Delta State was in the interest of the country. It was also based on the urgency of the situation in their regions, states and responsibility to their citizens.”

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