Group calls for deliberate gender-responsive approach to digital education of women

A Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization, De Norsemen Kclub International (DNKI), has called for deliberate gender-responsive approach to bridge the gap in innovation, technology and digital education of women globally.

The International President of the organization, Chief Chidi Anokwu, made the call in a statement he issued to newsmen in Enugu as part of the commemoration of the 2023 International Women’s Day (IWD).

Anokwu noted that a gender-responsive approach to innovation, technology and digital education could increase the awareness of women and girls regarding their rights, civic engagement, health and general wellbeing.

According to him, advancements in digital technology offer immense opportunities to address development and humanitarian challenges both in Nigeria and globally, and to achieve the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We are not unaware of the impact of the digital gender gap on widening economic and social inequalities; hence, our call for every necessary action to be mobilised in protecting the rights of women and girls in digital spaces and addressing online and ICT-facilitated gender-based violence.

“It is an established fact that bringing women and other marginalised groups into technology results in more creative solutions and has greater potential for innovations that meet women’s needs and promote gender equality.

“Their lack of inclusion, by contrast, comes with massive costs: as per UN Women’s Gender Snapshot 2022 report, women’s exclusion from the digital world has shaved $1 trillion from the gross domestic product of low-and-middle-income countries in the last decade.

“This loss would likely grow to $1.5 trillion by 2025 without action to checkmate the negative trend.

“So, reversing this trend will require tackling the problem of online violence, which a study of 51 countries revealed 38 per cent of women had personally experienced,” he said.

The international president said that it was regrettably that the opportunities of the digital revolution also present a risk of perpetuating existing patterns of gender inequality.

Anokwu said that the growing inequalities are becoming increasingly evident in the context of digital skills and access to technologies, with women being left behind as the result of this digital gender divide.

“The need for inclusive and transformative technology and digital education is therefore crucial for a sustainable future for all especially our women.

“De Norsemen Kclub International believes that gender equality is cardinal to drive transformative change, so, it should be a priority for policy makers, organisations and governments.

“We actually believe that there is more work to do, so, let every stakeholder join hands to accelerate gender equality and empowerment today for a more sustainable tomorrow,” he said.

It would be recalled that the United Nations has set aside March 8 annually to observe International Women’s Day (IWD); and the day is meant to celebrate women and girls and their enormous contribution to national and international development.

The 2023 IWD is themed: “Digit ALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality”.


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