Israel/Palestine feud: Jonathan cautions against siding parties in conflict; as hostilities forced 42,000 Palestinians out of Gaza_ UN

Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria’s former president has warned the international community against taking sides in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Jonathan expressed his thought on his twitter handle Monday, saying he appreciates the enormity of the underlying problem in the fracas. ” I have been to both Isreal and Palestine, and as a result, I have some understanding and appreciation of the human angle on both divides.”

According to him,the conflict can only be resolved when those living within the borders of Israel and Palestine take the time to understand each other until they come to a place where they can coexist, co-prosper, and eventually cooperate.

“The present conflict in that part of the world can never be resolved by nations and institutions taking sides. It can only be resolved by those living within the borders of Israel and Palestine taking time to understand each other until they come to a place where they can coexist, co-prosper and eventually cooperate.

“Borders are often human constructs, but the divine instruction we have is to love our neighbours as ourselves.

“For that to happen, what is needed, in the immediate term, is a ceasefire, followed by massive confidence building on both sides. That is what the international community should aim for. Peace. It is achievable.”

He also called for peace on both sides, adding that the international community should work towards ensuring a ceasefire.

“I sue for peace in both Israel and Palestine, and urge that every international support should be towards deescalating the conflict, rather than escalating it,” he said.

Already, 197 Palestinians have been reported killed in Gaza, including at least 58 children, and more than 1,200 wounded since Israel launched its air campaign against Hamas, a terrorist organisation on May 10 after the group fired rockets. The heaviest exchange of fire in years was sparked by unrest in Jerusalem.

Overnight Sunday to Monday, Israel launched dozens of strikes in the space of a few minutes across the crowded coastal Palestinian enclave controlled by Islamist group Hamas, according to AFP journalists and the army.

The strikes caused widespread power cuts and damaged hundreds of buildings, local authorities said. No casualties were immediately reported.

Meanwhile UN said around 42,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have fled their homes because of Israel’s air attacks on the coastal territory.

They have sought shelter in 50 schools run by the UN Palestinian Relief and Works Agency in the Gaza Strip, a spokesperson for the organisation said on Monday.

The organisation added that more than 2,500 people have been left homeless after their homes were destroyed.

Israel says it is only targeting militant positions, but some of those were in the middle of highly crowded residential areas.

According to Israel, the military is doing everything it can to avoid civilian casualties.

Newsmen report that tensions have been running high in the Sheikh Jarrah area in occupied East Jerusalem over the past month as Israeli settlers swarmed in following a court order for the eviction of Palestinian families in the area.

Palestinians protesting for the residents of Sheikh Jarrah who have been targeted and threatened with expulsion by Israeli forces.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and annexed the entire city in 198, a move that has never been recognized by the international community.

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