Legal practitioner flags IPOB leader arrest by FG; wants even treatement for terrorists, others

A Calabar based legal practitioner and former Chairman Nigeria Bar Association in Cross River State, Chief F.O. Onyebueke has faulted the recent arrest and extradition of the leader of the Proscribed indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu without due process.

Chief Onyebueke spoke with news men in his office Thursday, on some national issues.

He said that the Kenya Police who arrested Mazi and handed him over to the Nigeria Security operatives have question to answer.

According to him, did Mazi’s allegeded offence in Kenya warrant his arrest and torture? If so they have to show the offence he committed and if he did, has it anything to do with the Nigeria Government?

The legal practitioner expressed surprise that Nigeria went out side the law to do a lot of dumb things which have no bearing with the law and some people are supporting it.

“To me this it sentimental and probably they do not like the boy’s face. What I feel should be done is to follow the procedure otherwise you can go to any other country take anyone by force to your country”

“I remember what happened in 1984, it seems history is repeating itself. It was duing Buhari regime as a head of state. The Nigeria Government went as far to Britain to abduct Umaru Dikko to Nigeria”.

Why should such thing repeat itself. We should be careful on how we do things because nobody knows tomorrow.

The legal practitioner expressed worry over the problem of insecurity in the country lamenting that kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery, killing from herdsmen has assumed frightening proportion.

He said Buhari needed to do more to curb insecurity in the country. According to him Nigeria knows that some prominent people in the country were behind banditry.

“I am surprise that it has not been togged on terrorist group nor proscribed by government as it has been done to IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested and why not arrest those people handling banditry in the North”.

“Though I am not supporting any act of terrorism in the North or South because the consequences are grave. He commented that people in the North East and South East were living in fear.

He called on Government to be proactive and treat acts of terrorism in the country fairly no matter the region, else it would be seen as discrimination against a particular tribe.

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