Los Angeles port to fine overstaying containers

The Port of Los Angeles in the United States says it will start fining ocean carriers whose cargo containers stay too long at marine terminals. The charge, called a “Container Excess Dwell Fee”, is aimed at easing congestion that is interfering with supply chains.

Port authorities made the decision at a meeting on Friday.

For containers scheduled to be moved by truck, ocean carriers will be charged for every container dwelling nine days or more. Carriers moving goods by rail will be charged for containers that sit in port for six days or more.

The fine will be 100 dollars per container, increasing in 100-dollar increments each day. The measure will go into effect on November 1.

A number of containers sit at terminals due partly to a shortage of truck drivers. This has forced ships to wait unloaded at anchor.

US President Joe Biden announced earlier this month that the port would be allowed to operate around the clock, as a measure to reduce backlogs. But disruptions to the supply chain continue.

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