Magodo Estate incident: AGF berates Southwest Governors for castigating execution of Supreme Court judgement rebels

Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami says he “opposes” the southwestern governors’ reaction on Wednesday to the Magodo Estate incident during Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s visit to the property.

Governors of the Southwest had previously reacted to what they described as “disrespectful” to Mr. Sanwo-Olu.

A chief superintendent of police had openly defied Mr. Sanwo-Olu’s order to remove his colleagues who had trespassed on the property.

The unidentified officer told the governor that he is only responding to instructions from his superiors and that he had not yet received an order to vacate the property from the IGP Usman Alkali, and the federation’s attorney general, Abubakar Malami.

In a statement signed by the governor of Ondo, the governors condemned, “in very crude terms, the role of the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami SAN in this act of blatant moral turpitude.”

However, Malami, in a statement signed by his media aide, Umar Gwandu, said he was surprised by the governors’ statement.

“We see it as an ulterior motive vituperation of some political class, who took pleasure in dragging Malami’s name through the mud to achieve some sinister goals,” the statement read.

“The Attorney General’s Office of the Federation and Minister of Justice opposes the unjustifiable insinuation of impunity of the Governors of the Southwest against the Attorney General’s Office for the execution of a judgment of the Supreme Court.

“The role of the executive is, in this regard, simply to help maintain law and order in due compliance with the rule of law that arises from giving effect to the judgment of the country’s supreme court.

Malami said the Supreme Court ruling on the land dispute came before his appointment. He blamed criticism from the governors, saying the presence of officials on the estate was not undisciplined.

“The judgment was a reaffirmation of the judgments of the Court of Appeal and the Superior Court handed down on December 31, 1993,” he said.

“It is widely reported in the newspapers that the Governor of Lagos State was quoted as saying:” I have spoken extensively with the Inspector General of Police and the Honorable Attorney General, and we have resolved all the problems. “

According to the statement, the attorney general would be happy if the governors “helped unravel the circumstances that prevent the Lagos state government from enforcing the court order despite several attempts from 2012-2015, as the so-called conciliation initiative began in 2016.

“Some of the cardinal pillars of democratic government are the doctrine of the separation of powers and obedience to the rule of law, including judicial orders.

“It is common knowledge that the execution of the judgments and orders of the Courts of competent jurisdiction, and the Court of last resort in the circumstances remains a cardinal component of the rule of law and the Attorney General’s office wonders how the maintenance of the law and the orders in the course of the execution of the judgment of the Supreme Court can be judged by the imagination of the governors, like rebels “.


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