Militants ask oil companies to quit Akwa Ibom

Militants who are identified by the name Unyekisong Akwa Ibom have asked all multinational oil companies operating in Akwa Ibom to vacate the state because of what they labelled as ‘unwholesome atrocities’.

This was contained in a statement signed by the leader and deputy of the group, General Dede Udofia and Major Ibanga Ekang, made available to Journalists in Uyo yesterday.

According to the group, the vacation notice has become necessary due to unwholesome atrocities perpetrated by multinational oil companies on oil producing communities in the state.

The statement expressed shock and displeasure over what it alleged as passive response of the current administration of the state to the constant cries and yearnings of the suffering masses from these communities whose sources of livelihood, property and lives have been completely destroyed as a result of the exploration activities of these oil firms.

“As a result of the refusal of the oil firms operating in the territorial waters of Akwa Ibom State, apart from ExxonMobil & Savannah Petroleum, to locate their operational bases in the State, and their refusal to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility as well as the Nigerian Local Content Law in their employment and contract policies, we hereby advise them and their subsidiaries/partners to vacate Akwa Ibom State with immediate effect.

“It is very sad to observe that since the commencement  of operations by Addax, Moni Pulo, Chevron, Century, Oriental Energy, Savannah Petroleum, Total E & P, SEEPCO, AFREN, AMNI, etc. and their subsidiaries/partners in the various oil fields in Akwa Ibom territorial waters, they have enjoyed relative peace without any hostilities to their projects compared to other oil communities in the Niger delta region, but our people have not derived any substantial benefits from these oil companies, rather we have been subjected to unwholesome deprivations and marginalization.

“It is also indeed very painful and regrettable to witness the high level of suffering, hopelessness, degradation and poverty that the people of the oil producing communities in Akwa Ibom State have been subjected to as a result of the industrial activities of the various oil firms since their commencement of operations.

“We also express our utmost displeasure at the companies’ insensitivity to underdevelopment and degrading living standards of the people in the oil producing communities, due to their many years of oil exploration and exploitation in the area with the attendant environmental hazards.

“As the economic nerve-centre of the country and the highest contributor to the annual earnings of the country, we in Akwa Ibom State are also totally shocked and disappointed at the passive response of the present State government to the constant cries and yearnings of the suffering masses from these communities whose sources of livelihood, property and lives have been completely destroyed as a result of the operations of these firms.

“The oil companies have totally abandoned their Corporate Social Responsibility which shows that they came to Akwa Ibom State in order to worsen the condition of the already deprived people of the region instead of development. It is no more news that the companies have been drilling several barrels of oil per day from the rigs located in our territorial waters, but do not see the need to provide basic amenities to their immediate host communities and catchment areas who suffer the adverse effects of their drilling operations.

Over ninety percent of their employees are from outside the communities/state, and the companies intentionally refuse to do business with indigenous contractors/suppliers.

“At this juncture, UNYEKISONG wishes to inform the affected companies that since they are not prepared to work in accordance with the provisions of the Local Content Act and Corporate Social Responsibility, we therefore warn them to immediately evacuate all the innocent workers from their operational bases and rigs both onshore and offshore within our territorial waters to avoid casualties and damages,” it added.

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