“My Vision is to Restore the Dignity of Priesthood” _ Nkebem

The district superintendent of Assemblies of God church, Rev. (Dr.) Orok Edet Nkebem has said that his mission is to restore the dignity of Priesthood in the ministry.

The clergyman who was recently elected to direct the affairs of the church stated while fielding questions from Lens reporter that since the core values of Pastors have been neglected which puts the calling in disrepute, he is poised to redirect the energy.

Nkebem who is the first minister of Efik extraction to occupy the office in Assemblies of God Nigeria, Calabar district, opined that if shepherds would embrace the Christ-like ethos by preaching and practicing righteousness according to Mathew 6 verse 33 instead of solely on the gospel of prosperity which will lead many to hell fire.

God in His mercies according to 2nd Chronicles 7 verse 14 shall restore His people as written in Joel 2 verses 25-27, he said.

He enjoined ministers of the gospel to balance their sermons, torching on salvation, judgement and second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, healing, Godly wealth among others.

The clergyman said the timing of his appointment is appropriate being the nick moment when his services and wealth of experience is needed to catapult the church to where God wants it to be as well as improve on the wellbeing of pastors and other workers in the district.

By: Archibong Emmanuel

(Senior Reporter)

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