Myanmar NUG leader wants military aid from US, EU

The head of Myanmar’s pro-democracy shadow government has called on Western nations to provide military assistance as civilians continue battling the military junta.

Duwa Lashi La is acting president of the National Unity Government, or NUG. It comprises members of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy and representatives of ethnic minority groups.

In an interview, he pledged not to give up the fight despite the huge losses his forces have suffered.

Duwa Lashi La referred to the volume of military assistance the West has given Ukraine following Russia’s invasion and urged it to do the same favor for the NUG. The weapons he needs include anti-aircraft systems.

He said if the NUG was given the same support that Ukraine receives from the United States and the European Union, “the sufferings of the people who are being slaughtered would cease at once.”

Myanmar has been in turmoil since last year’s coup. Armed civilians and ethnic minority forces have been targeting military facilities, while the junta deploys fighter jets and attack helicopters.

A local human rights group says over 2,500 pro-democracy activists and civilians have been killed by the military and security forces.

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