NCFront flays APC over claim to rule for 32 years

The National Consultative Front (NCFront) has berated the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for boasting to rule the country for 32 years.

NCFfront, in a statement signed by its Head, Public Affairs Bureau, Dr. Tanko Yunusa, described the ruling party’s fantasy to rule Nigeria for 32 years as shameless arrogance in self-delusion.

“The conveners and leadership of NCFront are nauseated by the statement of the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress that the party plans to continue to rule Nigeria for the next 32 years in spite of the mess of insecurity, corruption, and anarchy foisted on the country within the spate of two terms.”

The movement also said that the APC would implode and scatter this year, saying the tension and cracks within the party are massive and not amendable.

Besides, Yunusa promised that the movement would launch a credible mega political alternative to rescue the country from the APC in July 2021.

NCFront added that if it is possible to dissect the serious cracks and bottled-up tension within the APC, which is occasioned by formidable disenchantment with the imposition of the undemocratic caretaker committee and its ongoing divisive membership revalidation exercise as well as the disappointing lackluster performance of the Buhari Presidency run by proxy by a tiny cabal of friends and clan relations “we can authoritatively assert that the APC will most likely implode and scatter before the end of this year.”

The movement said the term of merger it proposed to save Nigeria was to identify all political parties, groups and stakeholders that share and embrace the aspirations and vision of the NCFront.

Other terms are to interface and engage all political platforms and stakeholders identified as interested or potential ideological allies in the political merger, to extract formal commitment in writing from all platforms and allies interested in the NCFront initiated merger, to facilitate democratic and inclusive negotiations of the slating of an interim leadership structure, constitution, manifesto, logo, motto, slogan, name, and others of the new mega party.


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