NIDCOM Congratulates Odidika for Returning $4000

The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) head, Abike Dabiri Erewa has applauded the honest gesture of Chioma Odidika, a Nigerian resident in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, for returning 4,000 USD from potential fraudsters to the Sheriff of Richland County.

Dabiri-Erewa in her words said, “it is indeed a well-deserved award and a great opportunity to celebrate you. This is another victory for Nigeria, as another proud Nigerian is portraying what Nigeria is about and that is honesty. Thanks for being a good ambassador of your country Nigeria, you have portrayed the image of Nigerians in the diaspora as unique, honest and trustworthy immigrants”.

The Commission’s Head of Media, Abdur-Rahman Balogun who described it as uncommon act of honesty, said it is a thing of joy that another Nigerian in Diaspora has made Nigerians proud with her conduct.

  “No legacy is as rich as honesty; it remains the best policy. We must continue to exhibit such behavior in wherever we find ourselves. We must continue to be good Ambassadors to our country,” he said.

The Imo state indigene said she received an email from possible fraudsters who called her that they had sent a check of $4000 USD. “I immediately called President Tonna Okei (Ikuku Oma), President of Organization of African Unity SC who immediately alerted the Sheriff of Richland County and the Police of Columbia City took me”.

Chioma Odidika promptly reported as well as surrendered the check and was given in return an award of honesty by the Sheriff and offer of a job on 2nd September, 2020.

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