Nobel-winning journalist challenges Putin over press freedom in Russia

The Russian journalist who won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has told President Vladimir Putin directly that the freedom of the press has been suppressed in the country.

Dmitry Muratov, the chief editor of the independent Russian newspaper Novaja Gazeta, spoke at a question-and-answer session of a conference during which Putin delivered a speech. The meeting on international affairs was held at the southern Russian city of Sochi on Thursday.

He said media outlets critical of the government have been designated as foreign agents one after another.

Muratov said the situation is very serious, affecting not only journalists but also many readers. He asked Putin if he and other journalists are considered foreign agents.

Putin responded by first congratulating Muratov on winning the Nobel prize. He then said whether journalists receive financial support from foreign countries is important.

Putin added that Russian society has the right to know about people who receive funding from abroad.

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