Nyiam says Nigeria President ‘Pursuing Fulani Worldwide Interest’, “Akeredolu’s quit notice to Fulani Herders irresponsible” _ Yusuf

A former Nigerian Army Engineers Corps officer, Tony Nyiam, has alleged that handlers of President Buhari are only answerable to the Fulani worldwide interest, which according to him is of serious danger to the country.

Nyiam, a retired Colonel, turned human rights activist made the comment as   guest on a live broadcast in one of the private national tv stations today. He said Nigerians should take this development seriously, stressing that what is happening to the Hausas in Zamfara state will happen to citizens in the south.

“At the moment those who are the handlers of General Muhammadu Buhari are only answerable to the Fulani Worldwide interest and it’s a danger to our security and any Nigerian who does not take this seriously will see that what is happening to the Hausas in Zamfara will happen to us in the South.’

The southwestern states in the country have been witnessing increased cases of kidnapping and violent attacks in recent times with the Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu issuing an ultimatum to the Fulani herders to vacate forest reserves in the state.

And in the same programme but alternate session, Usman Yusuf, a university don and former   Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme said “it is irresponsible for the Ondo state governor to do what he did.” He noted that crimes and issues within the state should be settled and not by issuing quit notices to a section of the country’s ethnic group.

“Governorship comes with responsibility. No governor anywhere in this country or traditional ruler should open his mouth and say that, it comes with responsibility. Words matters and leadership matters.

“It is irresponsible for the governor to evict people anywhere. If there are crimes, if there are issues, they need to be settled. He is the chief security officer of that state. He gets billions of Naira every month to take care of the security of that state.

“We had a time in this country after the civil war when there were armed robberies and all that predominantly from people from the south, but nobody will come out and say it is an Igbo armed robber or a Yoruba armed robber, no it is irresponsible for people to do that.

“So, politicians need to be very careful, they are there to govern and to govern responsibly and to govern everybody that is within their domain.”

Nyiam said, “The President himself had openly said that these people coming in are foreigners. Governor El-Rufai himself also gave indication if you are the president of a country and foreigners are coming in to intimidate your own people and to rape your own people, I would have thought that the Commander-in-chief would be the last to accept that.

“General Muhammadu Buhari was my boss, the General Officer Commanding when I was commanding a unit under him. He went against Shagari to defend Nigerian interest against Chadians.

“In one of the briefings, when he was briefing us, he openly told us that his family, most of his family are from Niger and that he is a Nigerian officer and that he owes allegiance to Nigeria and I admired Buhari then, that a man whose family is partially from the Niger Republic and yet is loyal to Nigeria, this was against all the pressure given by other people that Shagari should pull out and allow the Chadians have their way, General Buhari refused.

“So why is Buhari now so different, I think the answer to that maybe his wife who may answer it because the wife has been battling those who have been holding the president hostage. The President is no more General Muhammadu Buhari some of us knew who was a patriot.

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