‘Please Don’t Carry AK-47’, Bala Mohammed tells herdsmen

The Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed has appealed to all arms-bearing herders in Nigeria to drop their weapons, particularly the AK-47 as the country continues to grapple with various security challenges.

“Please don’t carry the AK-47; try to make sure that you remain peaceful”.

The governor made the appeal on Wednesday, during the official launch of the 2021 Annual Livestock Vaccination Campaign at Galambi cattle ranch in the state.

Speaking further, he assured all innocent farmers, herders and people of the state that their wellbeing will remain a priority of his government while efforts are being made to mitigate the farmer-herder clashes.

“I will do everything to protect you and support you because through time and history, you seem to have been lampooned, subjected to caricature, but you remain humane, simple, you don’t show so much aggression and of course, that humility, is always what we recognize,” Governor Mohammed said.

He also promised to continue to be a voice for the innocent Fulani herdsmen while advising them to conduct themselves peacefully and identify the miscreants among them for punishment.

Governor Mohammed said he has no apology for speaking up against ethnic profiling of Fulani herdsmen, saying his previous comments were not intended to generate controversies or escalate tension.


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