Residents of Calabar lament high cost of cooking gas, kerosine

There is anger among average Nigerians resident in Calabar the Cross River State capital over the exorbitant cost of cooking gas and kerosene, a major source of domestic fuel for households.

In a survey conducted by LENS Reporter to various filling stations and gas outlets on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, it was discovered that while domestic cooking gas is sold for N 900 a kilo, kerosene now goes for N1,000 a litre.

Speaking to LENS on condition of anonymity a customer blamed the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration for being insensitive to the suffering of the masses given the harsh economic policies which have triggered hyperinflation and impacted the citizens negatively.

And even the price of alternative domestic fuel sources of firewood or charcoal has shot up. Three pieces of firewood for instance now sell for N100 as against the former five pieces there-by making the alternative source of fuel beyond the reach of households.

By: Archibong Emmanuel
(Snr. Reporter)

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