Security expert wants generational change in government as panaecia for peace

The Senior Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on security, Capt. Iniobong Ekong retd, have charged over time officials in the corridor of power to exit and free space for the younger generation.

He made this call while fielding questions from journalists on how to curtail the increasing cases of insecurity in the country.

Ekong who was in his country home, Ndiya, in Nsit Ubium local government council yesterday noted while marking his 55th birthday that the youths should be given their rightful place in government at all levels to ensure peace in the country.

“We have very enterprising, resourceful and almost very impatient generation behind us.They need a platform to express themselves and they have the capacity, they have the potential, they are very good at what they do.

“So having gotten to where we are, let us assist the governor to install his successor and leave the government for the younger generation. In my opinion that is the only way to maintain peace in Akwa Ibom and Nigeria. I will tell my friends anywhere, it is time for us to leave. Let those of us who have been in government take a leave and allow the youths to take their chance.

” If we don’t learn how to leave the space there will be no peace. We cannot be paramount rulers in the politics of the state and even others. If you feel you are strong enough let’s go to the center, leave the state for the younger people, they have been playing the second fiddle over the years”

The security expert who urged Akwa Ibom youths to be actively engaged in issues that affects them, stressed however that he does not subscribe to forceful take over.

Notwithstanding the worsening security situation in the country, he expressed confidence that the situation would be better tomorrow and disagreed with majority of Nigerians, that the government and military have failed to provide security for the country.

“Government has provided security. You see our situation is multi-faceted. Number one, our culture, number two, our population, number three our logistics and financial capacity, and four the capacity of the leadership to have an intelligence-driven governance.

“And these are factors that if I start to discuss with you today, we may not leave here, but let us just know that all can be well, and I believe that all would be well. What we need to do is to be more result oriented and apply properly the logistics to the intentions.

“You have seen a typical case of Zamfara state and I want to believe by my experience that in another one month, Zamfara state will be a free state. And the strategy is what I cannot discuss here, but seeing that in Zamfara state I have confidence that tomorrow will be better”, he said

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