Tinapa Sport Club Identifies Peace as ideal Legacy for Youths in Nigeria

A society building and humanitarian service sport club in Calabar the Cross River State capital has said that peace is the best legacy to transfer to the youths for the progress and future development of Nigeria.

The Chairman, Tinapa Sport Club, Richard Uzor spoke in Calabar during the birthday celebration of her former chairman.

He said that the future of Nigeria is in the hands of the youths and that it is extremely important to inculcate the spirit of peace in the minds of the youths for tomorrow.

According to Uzor, peace is the pivot which the development of any society revolves around and urged the youths in the country to exercise restraint in what they do, stressing that violence is destructive and retards development.

The chairman disclosed that Tinapa Sport Club was formed about 30 years ago principally to help the society to grow and to ensure that her members were physically sound and healthy.

Uzor further said that the club uses Saturday of each week to play football, do other exercises to keep the body fit and to socialize as well with members.

The Sport Club according to Uzor has recorded some remarkable achievements since its establishment 30 years ago. These include among others offering assistance to the less privileged in the society and presenting  gifts to orphanage homes on annual basis as part of the club’s objective.

“Nigeria is our country and we have no better place than Nigeria. We must not use violence to destroy this country but dialogue to resolve our challenges.”

“We have hope for this country and the future is in our hands. Peace is the only legacy we can live for the youths and the youths should show restraint in whatever they do”.

“We want to make Tinapa sport club a case study to tell the society that we do not come together to socialize but to make Nigeria a better place tomorrow where Citizens commit each other to sit down and discuss Nigeria challenges together for a better country tomorrow”.

The club publicity secretary Gabriel Eze also said that Tinapa Sport Club is a veteran team that plays not to win a trophy but plays with community team in the state occasionally to foster friendship and peaceful co-existence.

Members assist the club and help one-another. This cooperatives spirit has helped the club’s advancement in accomplishing its set objectives.

And members of the elite club are drawn from all walks of live.


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