Tsunami warning issued after powerful quake kills 304, Haiti searches for survivors

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Saturday, with a depth of 10 kilometers, monitored by the China Earthquake Networks Center. A tsunami warning was issued after the quake.

Officials from Haiti’s national civil defense department said the quake caused casualties

The U.S. Geological Survey estimated “high casualties” and widespread disaster in Haiti following the quake and images posted on social media showed many buildings damaged.

Meanwhile rescue workers scrambled to find survivors after a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti early Saturday, killing at least 304 and toppling buildings in the disaster-plagued Caribbean nation still recovering from a devastating 2010 quake.

The epicenter of the shaking, which rattled homes and sent terrified locals scrambling for safety, was about 100 miles (160 kilometers) by road west of the center of the densely populated capital Port-au-Prince.

“Lots of homes are destroyed, people are dead and some are at the hospital,” 21-year-old Christella Saint Hilaire, who lives near the epicenter, told AFP.

“I was in my house when it started to shake, I was near a window and I saw everything falling,” she said. “A piece of a wall hit my back but I am not too hurt.”

The long, initial quake was felt in much of the Caribbean. It damaged schools as well as homes on Haiti’s southwestern peninsula, according to images posted by witnesses.

The country’s civil protection agency said hours after the quake that the death toll had jumped to 304, ticking upwards throughout the day from an initial report of 29 fatalities.

The agency said that hundreds were “wounded and missing” and specified that 160 were killed in the country’s South department alone, in the area of the quake’s epicenter.

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