U.S, EU, UK, applauds Farmaajo’s decision to reverse two-year term extension

The European Union has welcomed the Somali’s House of Parliament decision and the announcement by President Farmaajo to reinstate 17th Sep agreement that calls for indirect elections.

Farmaajo on Saturday officially asked the Lower House of parliament to rescind an existing law passed last week that would see Somalia conduct a popular vote, first in 50 years.

EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga tweeted saying “Now, no preconditions, no spoiling, no violence. PM Roble must count on the constructive support from all FMS presidents and other political actors for a Somali-led process.”

British Ambassador to Somalia Kate Foster tweeted saying the UK “welcomes Parliament’s endorsement of a resumption to talks to finalize an electoral model based on 17 September agreement, following President Farmaajo’s statement.

FMS Presidents and political leaders should give full support to PM Roble as he leads the electoral process

FMS Presidents should come prepared to make necessary compromises and negotiate in good faith.

It is vital to hold consensus-based elections as soon as possible. Failure to do so risks renewed violence and exacerbating the already grave humanitarian situation in Somalia.”

U.S. Embassy Mogadishu, Somalia also tweeted saying, “We welcome the actions taken today by Farmaajo and the House of the People. We also welcome Mohamed Roble’s role in implementing Somalia’s elections, which must be held as soon as possible.”

The 140 lawmakers from the Lower House of parliament subsequently officially rescinded its previously endorsed law on popular vote, and reinstated indirect polls based on 17th September agreement.

Thus, annulling a two-year term extension for president Farmaajo.

Somali’s President also granted Prime Minister Mohamed Roble powers to lead preparation, implementation and security of upcoming elections.

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