Uganda Police Arrest Opposition Leader Bobi Wine

Ugandan politician and former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has been arrested in the capital, Kampala.

He was leading a team of MPs from his party, the National Unity Platform, in a protest against arrests and disappearances of supporters in the period leading up to, during, and after the highly contested January election.

Local media, Daily Monitor tweeted on Monday and said: “NUP president @HEBobiwine has been arrested near City Square in Kampala as he led what he called a peaceful protest, demanding the release of NUP supporters who are still missing to-date.”

Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the crowd that was marching with the politicians.

In a virtual address on Sunday, Bobi Wine called on his supporters to use peaceful means to protest against the election results – which he continues to claim were rigged, and to demand that security forces produce their missing colleagues.

His arrest from a campaign rally in November kicked off two days of protests during which over 50 peopled died.


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