University don and clergy says Nigeria will exit challenges plaguing the country, identifies leadership as bane

Professor Stephen Ochang is a Lecturer in the University of Calabar and also the Assistant Pastor, Charismatic Renewal Ministries, Calabar. He says Nigeria will get out of her challenges no matter what happens. God will keep us, save us and prevail in Nigeria. He urged Nigerians to believe in God. Prof. Ochang also said that Nigeria will play a pivotal role in World Evangelism. The clergy spoke with LENS correspondent in Calabar at the just concluded Calabar Revival Campaign 2021, themed “Exceeding Joy”.

And fielding questions from LENS on the success story of the just concluded Calabar Revival Campaign 2021, ‘We had over 30 Guest Ministers who came from Port Harcourt. God has been faithful to us. God has used the programme to bless the church, our members and people who came received great impact”, he said.

“People received Testimonies, Healings and Breakthroughs in our midst. There was testimony from a man who had no money when he came here. Somehow he prayed and within that period half a Million Naira was credited into his account.

Dwelling on the impact of multiple crusades held by the church over the years on the society, “he said the impact of the revival programmes are essentially felt spiritually. Lives have been transformed, people have been saved and so many people were delivered. So many things have happened even in the physical realm when people connect to God, their economic and social status will begin to change. God has used the programme to bless our church tremendously and also to our members and the invited guests to our crusades. We have had a great impact. The church has received great testimonies, healings and deliverances. Our church is called the Cathedral of Destiny. Many people who have been worshipping with us consistently over the years are said to have fullfilled their destinies.

Proffering the way forward for Nigeria which is passing through a difficult time today, the clergy stated that “What Nigeria is passing through now is challenge that will eventually come to pass. There are a number of factors that are responsible for this. The failure of leadership, be that as it may, Nigeria is God Special Country. Over the years there have been prophecies that we will not see the end of Nigeria. Nigeria will scatter. God has what it takes to keep Nigeria and he will keep us. So I want to appeal to Nigerians to have confidence and believe in God. God has said in the past that Nigeria will play a pivotal role in world Evangelism. His words cannot fail to come to pass. No matter what happens God will keep us, God will prevail on Nigeria.

Ochang counsel the country on the need for fairness, justice and equity. We need an inclusive society where you have a sense of belonging. When the leaders have this in mind and they bring it into the country it will be better for everyone. So Nigerians should keep on praying for the country, believe in God and God will visit us essentially. Let’s have confidence in God and draw closer to Him.

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