Updated: Sweden’s first female PM resigns, “I don’t want to lead a government whose legitimacy is being called into question”

Social Democratic Party leader, Magdalena Andersson has resigned hours after being voted in as Sweden’s first female prime minister.

This comes after her budget proposal was rejected in favour of the opposition that includes the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats. The vote was 154-143 in favour of the opposition’s budget proposal.

Again, the walking out of the coalition that formed the new government by her Green allies added to the reason why she decided it was best to step down from the post after she made history by becoming the first woman to lead the country.

“There is a constitutional practice where a coalition government resigns when a party leaves it. I don’t want to lead a government whose legitimacy is being called into question,” she said at a press conference, where she said she hoped to be re-elected in a subsequent vote.

Andersson, who was finance minister before briefly becoming prime minister, informed parliamentary speaker Andreas Norlen that she is still interested in leading a Social Democratic one-party government.

Norlen, the speaker of Sweden’s 349-seat parliament, said he will contact Sweden’s eight party leaders ”to discuss the situation.” He is expected to announce the way forward today.

Even though the Green Party pulled its support for her government, it said it is prepared to stand behind Andersson in a new vote to elect a prime minister.

But the Greens said it was in the best interests of the party to pull support for her after the budget defeat in parliament.

“We have a united party behind us saying we can not sit in a government that implements a policy (the Sweden Democrats) negotiated. We must look our voters in the eye and feel pride,” said Marta Stenevi, Green Party spokesperson as the party chose to resign from the government.

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