US Presidential Election: Biden, Trump lucked in maiden debate of 2024 election today

American voters will watch Joe Biden and Donald Trump face off in Atlanta, Georgia, today in the first debate of the 2024 election. They will have the privilege of weighing the same choices for president as they had four years ago.

The current and former Presidents will press each other on their positions during a 90-minute showdown on CNN. They will be making their arguments unusually early in the political season. In the past, Democratic and Republican candidates have debated after being endorsed at party conventions held over the summer.

The presumptive nominees have already started exchanging jabs on social media over Biden’s age and Trump’s lawsuits. They will do that and more face-to-face when they outline their views on the economy, abortion rights, and immigration.

Analysts know how much weight candidates place on such opportunities. “It only takes one moment at a debate to change the course of a campaign,” said Rick Klein, the political director of ABC News. “One thing that happens good or bad for a candidate can change the way that candidates are perceived.”

Klein said Biden has to guard against fumbling for the right words and present himself as “strong and vigorous.” He said Trump believes he is a better debater, and would love to expose his rival as “unable to do the job.” Voters already know what both have done as presidents. Klein said the debate will give them a chance to better demonstrate who they are as “humans.”

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