US sanctions 6 N.Koreans after missile tests

The US government has imposed sanctions on six North Koreans and one Russian, accusing them of being involved in North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

The Treasury Department said on Wednesday it had taken the measures against the seven people and a Russian firm based in Moscow. The sanctions include the freezing of assets.

The department says a North Korean man based in Vladivostok was involved in the procurement of telecommunications-related equipment from Russia.

North Korea test-fired what it called a hypersonic missile last week from the northern province of Jagang. The North said it launched another hypersonic missile on Tuesday. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly watched the test.

The department condemned North Korea, saying it had carried out six ballistic missile launches since September 2021, each of which violated multiple United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is exploring ways to denuclearize North Korea by strengthening cooperation with Japan and South Korea. But there is no prospect of any breakthrough at present.


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