US warns Chinese and Russian navies from thoroughfare of Japan islands


The secretary of the US navy, Del Toro has expressed concerns on Monday about Chinese and Russian warships navigating off the coast of Japan. Carlos Del Toro said their activities were not based on the rule of law and pose threats.

On October 18, 10 Chinese and Russian military ships passed through the Tsugaru Strait. The waters sit between Japan’s main island, Honshu, and Hokkaido. Then, on Friday, they sailed through the Osumi Strait, off Japan’s southwestern coast.

Both channels are international waterways. Foreign vessels, including warships, are allowed to navigate through them.

Officials with Japan’s defense ministry said this is the first time they have seen Chinese and Russian warships sailing through the straits at the same time.

Del Toro said deterrence would help the Chinese and the Russians recognize the international order. He said that is a key to regional stability. He promised more cooperation with Japan and other nations in the region.

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