Who will take over Governments when there is Crisis among them_Uma Ukpai

The president of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, Dr Uma Ukpai gave this teaser while responding to a question from journalists over the controversial directive from Company and Allied Matters Act, CAMA that government should take over churches that are in crisis.

Speaking with newsmen in Uyo on Wednesday, he debunked media publications which tended to portray him as anti- Biafra or anti- Nigeria since according to him he is both a Nigerian and a Biafran.

He argued that, he must have been quoted out of context based on the interpretation of the reporter.

“Rev. Ukpai is a Nigerian; he is also a Biafran. He is one man in three places. I said that the Biafran boys agitating are Nigerians. But when you think of harming your brother, then it is crazy. Every Biafran as at today is a Nigerian until they are handed the flag of their Independence. Every man who calls himself a Biafran today is a Nigerian” he explained.

According to him, the approach for the emergence of Biafra and the approach by the federal government to kick against the agitation were both wrong since each side was claiming right.

“We should agitate for whatever we want without killing anybody. I had said it that before and I’m saying it again that Nigerians love each other; it is only the leaders that are spoiling for war. So don’t destroy a life you cannot replace because of agitation”.

The Cleric further stressed that the agitation for Biafra was beyond Igbo presidency, as the struggle started even before Nigerian civil war in the 60s.

He condemned the recent attack by the presidency on the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye over his comment on the need to restructure Nigeria, stressing that the Redeemed pastor was entitled to express his reservations.

“Adeboye like every other person should be allowed to say his mind. I don’t think he is not entitled to his opinion, he is a man of God and not a small boy, he must have seen the civil war and these things made him make the deductions,” he said.

Commenting on the Company and Allied Matters Act, CAMA, which empowers the federal or the State government to take over the leadership of a church that has crisis, the Dr. Ukpai simply queried: “You mean for governments to take over the trustees of the church if there occurs problem in the church, then who will take over governments when there is crisis among them.

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